Israel Furious Over Swedish Blood Libel Story

A free society allows intelligent as well as ridiculous stories to circulate in the marketplace of ideas. A recent story in a Swedish national newspaper printed still another version of the off reported myth that Jews kill Christians and Muslims in order to get their body parts. The current version has Israel Defense Forces gathering dead Muslim bodies, cutting out body parts and then selling them. Those who defend the Swedish paper note a recent example in the New York area in which some rabbis were involved in a series of criminal acts including trafficking in human parts. Naturally, some argue if Jews did it in one place, they do it all over the world.

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt refused an Israel request to denounce the story on grounds a government should not get involved in telling the public which story is accurate or not. He is absolutely correct. Actually, even if the Swedish government denounced the story it would still circulate among those who hate Jews or who hate Israel.

There are people who see a ‘Jew” behind every evil in the world. They are emotionally and psychologically ill and no effort at rational thinking will alter their minds.