Israel-Future Or Past, Choice Is Now

Labor member Avishal Braverman told the people of Israel the time had come for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to make the decision as to to whether the nation will move forward toward peace or remain trapped in limbo with nothing but violence ahead. “We need to move as soon as possible. It’s the only way to guarantee the state of the Jewish people.” Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman insist Arabs must accept the existence of a Jewish state of Israel, but their policies of extending settlements and refusing to negotiate in good faith with Arab leaders will inevitably lead to the end of a separate Palestinian state composed of millions of Muslims as well as Jews. The demographics are clear, higher birth rates among Muslim inhabitants of such as nation lead inevitably to a majority of non-Jews somewhere in this century. Then what, Mr. Netanyahu? Braverman is correct in arguing there is need for leadership. “Netanyahu has to make a very tough choice but leadership is about tough choices.

Braverman and other members of the Labor party threaten to leave the coalition unless there are honest negotiations with Palestinians. If they leave, Netanyahu will be compelled to even draw more heavily on right wing religious fanatics and any hope of peace in the Middle East is doomed.