Israel General Worried About Some Settlers

Israelis complain about Muslim fanatics who believe they alone possess the truth and regard anyone not of their belief to be an infidel who can be killed. Of course, within Israel there are Jewish extremists who believe God or someone gave them possession of certain areas and it is their right to expel anyone who gets in their way, including other Jews. Israel General Avi Mizrahi, is worried about the presence of extremists within the settlers group who are ready to initiate violence against Muslim regardless of the cost to their nation. “Most of the settlement movement is fine, very normal, but a mosque set on fire, another mosque set on fire, it all adds up.” He was citing recent mosque fires which, most probably, were caused by Israeli extremists.

General Mizrahi was specifically concerned about settlements in which religious fanatics “don’t believe in us as a state. They want something else, and when someone doesn’t know the limits anymore, you don’t know where it will all wind up.” A Jewish extremist who burns mosques, steals land from Palestinians and is ready to kill is no different from any Muslim fanatic. Both seek violence and destruction because both believe they alone know the truth.