Israel Goes Nuclear Over Iranian Nuclear

The world is deeply concerned about Iranian efforts to develop nuclear weapons which are regarded as a threat to peace in the Middle East. However, threats by the government of Israel also pose a threat to stability and peace in the region. Israel Defense Minister  Ehud Barak made clear his government’s policy toward Iran. “We are determined to prevent Iran from going nuclear.” Recent articles from government sources argue the world exaggerates consequences of an Israel attack on Iran. However, a large segment of the Israel intelligence agency is deeply concerned about such actions.

What might happen if Israel bombs Iran:

1. Missiles will be fired by Hezbollah from Lebanon which would lead to an Israel invasion of that country.

2. There will be numerous examples of suicide bombers killing self and innocent civilians which would result in more Israel violence toward Palestinians.

3. Iraq will distance itself from this event.

4. President Bahar al-Assad will become the ally of Iran and undercut efforts to remove him from office.