Israel Government Descends Into Toilet Politics

Every nation, at one point in time or another, discovers it has an albatross around the neck of its government which projects the exact opposite image that is desired. Israel Foreign Ministe Avigdor Lieberman is vivid proof that human evolution has not occurred. The nation which spawned great leaders such as David Ben-Gurion or Golda Meier now has the Russian born thug and foul mouthed foreign minister at the helm of its foreign affairs. Lieberman has ordered Israel diplomats to circulate a photograph from 1941 which depicts a prominent Muslim cleric together with Adolf Hitler. This is factually correct, there were Muslim clerics who were pro-Nazi including important clerics in Jerusalem. As the Palestinian Authority noted in response to the order, “it’s an old story that has its own circumstances and it doesn’t apply to the present.”

If one seeks to play the “pro-Nazi game,” perhaps Lieberman would like to review the record of Italian Jews, many of whom were members of the Mussolini Fascist party and served in the armed forces as well as government. That was then, the circumstances were different, and this Lieberman story only once again proves he is a disgrace to the Jewish people, to the nation of Israel and to the field of diplomacy. Is this his best argument?