Israel Government Plays Word Games With Settlements

There is an ancient Arab legend entitled, “An Appointment in Samarra.” According to the legend, a servant went out one day and saw Death in the marketplace. He rushed home and told his master. His master feared Death had come for him and fled to the city of Samarra. The servant went back to the marketplace and criticized Death for frightening his master. Death replied he meant no harm, he was just passing through because he had an appointment in Samarra.” The state of Israel is like the merchant, it is fleeing headlong into an appointment in Samarra. The Israel Defense Ministry announced it was approving construction of 50 new homes. The houses will be built for the relocation of 200 settlers from Migron, a wildcat settlement built without official permission.

British Foreign Minister David Miliband exploded by saying “settlements are illegal under international law and they are a major blockage to peace in the Middle East. This is the worse possible time for new settlements.”

According to Prime Minister Netanyahu housing will only be built for “natural growth.” So, a group of people develop a settlement illegally and they are now entitled to housing under the guidelines of “natural growth.” This stinks to high heaven. Unless the people of Israel cease this stupid rush to stupidity, they are doomed to an appointment in Samarra.