Israel Hardliners Threaten Violence

Israel hard liners constantly decry terrorism as a weapon used by Muslim extremists and wrap themselves in the coat of innocence. Of course, right wing Israeli extremists are responsible for the murder of a popular prime minister who was trying to work for peace with Palestinians, but that apparently will not be viewed by them as violence, but simply a matter of “protection.” Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak has received numerous death threats by West Bank settlers who oppose the government temporary freeze on housing construction. Barark made clear he would not be intimidated by threats against those working for peace. “this country has an elected government. When a government makes a decision,it must be enforced.”

It is difficult for Israeli right wingers to ever conceive that Jews could use the tools of terrorism in order to fight for their rights. Perhaps, these individuals should read the story of how Israel was created and the use of murder of innocent civilians on the part of right wing Israeli forces. Naturally, when Israeli Jews kill, it is only in the cause of liberty. But, when Palestinians kill……..

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    The responsibility for peace lies in both camps, don’t you think?