Israel Has Met The Enemy And He Is Them!

Throughout its history, leaders of Israel complained they were unable to engage in meaningful dialogue and negotiations with Arabs because none of these nations would acknowledge the existence of their country. A continual Israel problem was refusal on the part of Arab leaders to respect international law by resorting to violence against innocent civilians. Today, the exact same complaints made by Israel towards Arabs is being directed back to the Israel government. Ironically, the American government this week announced it was returning diplomats to Damascus in recognition of President Assad’s commitment to working for peace with Israel and fighting terrorism. He reportedly has agreed to clamp down on terrorists going through his nation on their way to Iraq.

President Assad’s comments this week could readily have been uttered by Golda Meier forty years ago. He said: “achieving peace requires an Israeli partner and commitment to international law. The Israeli partner does not currently exist.”

The Israel press contains right wingers who complain their government wants peace but they have no one to negotiate with for peace. Of course, the reason is simple– Netanyahu refuses to halt West Bank settlements and he imposes conditions that President Abbas must accept while insisting no one has the right to impose conditions on Israel.

David Ben-Gurion is turning over in his grave every time Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks.