Israel Helps Palestinians By Taking Their Land

Many supporters of the current government in Israel insist there is no desire on the part of its government to impede the lives and welfare of Palestinians since their needs are always considered before making decisions. A new high speed train connecting Tel Aviv with Jerusalem will be going into action and allow travel between the two cities to only take 29 minutes.Oh, there are some minor impediments to the lives of Palestinians such as having their land taken in order to lay tracks or the fact for some reason the train cuts through parts of the West Bank. Gee, I wonder why this train is connected to the West Bank. The Israel government has an answer for cynics like me by noting they are quite prepared to have a train also go from Gaza to Ramallah. All this would require is securing the blessing of Hamas, a task that would not be a problem.

The Palestinian Authority promised to address all legal and diplomatic” methods in order to ensure there is not a high speed train entering the West Bank. I will not hold my breath too long for this one.