Israel In State Of Denial About Iran

Former deputy defense minister, MK Ephraim Sneh described the US intelligence report on Iran’s nuclear weapons program as “very flawed.” He argued that Iran continues posing an existential threat to Israel and “we don’t need any additional evidence. Just listen to what the Iranian leaders are saying.. who are committed to the destruction of Israel.” Amos Gilad, who heads the Defense Ministry’s Diplomatic-Military Bureau, insisted, “the Iranians are determined to obtain nuclear weapons.”

It is doubtful if the current leadership of Israel is intellectually or temperamentally capable of handling a complex issue such as Iran’s relationship to nuclear energy. They are determined to believe everything revolves around making nuclear weapons and any evidence to the contrary must simply be dismissed. The path to peace lies in nations working together and focusing on issues that are real, not in making things that are not happening the center of their discussions. The Ayatollah Khamenei has repeatedly insisted his nation is not developing nuclear weapons but Israel, like many American conservatives, wishes to believe other voices. President Ahmadinejad is not the supreme ruler of Iran but Americans and Israelis continue insisting that he has all power. Reality is a much needed visitor in the home of Israel.

  • Anonymous

    “The Ayatollah Khamenei has repeatedly insisted his nation is not developing nuclear weapons but Israel” …. So you believe him !?!?
    They are building the centrifuges for some years, why? is it to make their coffee more tasty?
    The very fact is that the US is in State Of Denial About Iran. Sure the Cons will fix the inteli-genes-fail for the free world benefit.

  • mendy

    fred you killing me here you make it to easy for me……
    ok i like this part ” they repeatedly denied making bombs and we hear other voices”
    allo wake up even the new assessment made by amateurs eager to put a stop to bush policy’s
    CLEARLY state a nuclear weapons program existed UNTIL 2003. do you know when the program started?! during iran-irak war…mid 80’s……
    in america intelligence is part of the power balance and is therefore a big flawed machines and irak is not the only failure they have on their hands.
    in israel intelligence is above all…politicians,army,even money…….

    they have strong evidences (and so do many others western powers BTW) that the american change of mind (yes in 2005 americans were claiming iran was making nuclear weapons like everybody else) is not accurate or more accurately…..has decided to present it in a ”clean” withered way which makes it deeply flawed and politically oriented.

    iran’s president doesnt hold supreme power but ultimate influence especially if he wins on the diplomatic way and later when he gets the bomb then he will come out as the true leader….
    being soggy on iran just reinforce the radicals in their fight for power

  • mendy

    conclusion: ignore the report hold tight until iran gives up its nuclear weapons program….
    this way its president which want to destroy israel won’t even get a chance to push forward the weapons program while the population in iran is starving and the pressure is mounting on him to actually take care of his country or leave office.

  • Fred Stopsky

    We liberals opposed you conservatives who supported Saddam Hussein in his war against Iran. You conservatives built up Saddam’s power. You conservatives supported a man who WAS trying to build an atomic bomb. I can only repeat. Iran in 2001 offered to cease helping Hizbullah, to work with the US on its nuclear program, to accept Israel, and to cease helping terrorist groups. BUSH TURNED DOWN THE OFFER. Check November 19 issue of The Nation for one of the many accounts of the offer. Every time Bush and Israel actually get an intelligent offer, they turn it down. So, who is confused– you or I?

  • mendy

    i don’t understand why you make it black and white; liberals vs conservatives
    in 2001 ahmadinejad was not president and the war in irak was not a messy reality, the wtc was on everybody’s mind and a tough line was accepted by everyone ……..
    according to the nation iran offered very little if anything (recognize spheres of influence?! influence is a reality on the ground we don’t need you to recognize it…iran like many arabs state do not accept israel’s existence and was supporting back then hezbollah and hamas[i dunno where is your base to claim it was ready to give it up]) when the middle east was trembling of america.
    in the 80’s (15/20 years is a lot in foreign policy)
    america supported an ally against an enemy like it did in many other places and others times.
    saddam’s thoughts weren’t known until later.
    israel never ever got an intelligent offer from arab states outside of a position of strength like after the yom kippur war with egypt…..when israel gave in to ”intelligent” offers like oslo and others they got screwed with violence and antifada where is the intelligence in that?
    i think you confuse the balance of power in each case you present. today iran is strong to say yes to iran will not help:they already do what they want. it is time to curb their influence and power to force them into accepting compromise on key issues….