Israel Investigates IDF Killing Of Civilians

To those who are concerned about Israel as a nation, it is imperative that a thorough investigation be conducted into alleged mistreatment of Palestinian civilians by members of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) during its recent invasion of Gaza. There are those who believe to acknowledge such behavior is an attack on the state of Israel. If an individual wishes Israel to be a successful state and one respected in the world, then an investigation must take place. Frankly, the IDF is moving toward such an investigation within months of the Gaza war while nations like the United States and Great Britain still refuse to have a serious investigation into mistreatment of people in war zones. The world knows neither Hamas nor Hezbollah nor any Arab nation will ever conduct investigations into the killing of innocent Jews.

The Israel newspaper Haaretz is currently offering first hand descriptions by members of the IDF into the killing of innocent civilians during the Gaza war. An infantry squad leader describes in one interview how a sharpshooter killed a mother and her children because they took the wrong turn in a street. Another squad leader reports how an officer ordered the killing of an elderly woman. Other such stories are appearing in Haaretz.

The Israeli army has announced it will follow up these newspaper accounts with a complete investigation. It is important for anyone who cares about the survival of Israel to report these incidents and the decision of the IDF to investigate them. An investigation proves that the IDF is a moral armed force.