Israel Jews Finally Act Like Jews!

Israel was founded in 1948, not merely as a nation in which Jews could life in peace, but as a symbol as to what a modern democratic society would be. During the past decade, the dream of democracy has been replaced by a religious fanaticism that regards non-Jews as inferior. Most decent Israelis shifted away from concern about democracy to concern about their daily lives, and, in so doing allowed right wing religious fanatics to speak for the people of Israel. Yesterday, thousands of Israelis under the banner of “Democratic Group” marched in favor of civil liberties and an end to the current undemocratic group which controls the government. Most in the march were frightened by recent actions in the Knesset to begin an investigation into the funding of civil and human rights groups. The investigation was instigated by people like racist Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. Nathan Horowitz, an MK told the crowd his disappointment in the Labor Party for supporting violations of civil rights, not only of Israelis, but of Arab Israelis. He regarded the current government to represent “the most racist coalition in the history of Israel.”

Speakers were also angry about conservative racist rabbis who urge Jews not to rent or sell property to Arabs. They denounced the parliamentary vote for a “loyalty oath” and the jailing of human right activist Jonathan Pollack for taking part in a bicycle protest. It was wonderful that finally Jews held up signs saying: “Jews and Arabs will Not Be Enemies.”

The Israel left has slept while their nation’s democratic heritage is being violated. Awake, fellow Jews, a new age in dawning in which Jew and Muslim and ALL citizens of Israel will have equal rights!