Israel Jews Forget History

I was born in 1930, a time when Nazi and Fascist groups roamed the streets of America demanding the nation get rid of Jews and other foreigners who were taking jobs away from decent Christian God-fearing Americans. It was a time when people purchasing homes in many parts of the United States signed a statement they would never sell their home to a Jew or Catholic or Negro. It was a time when Jews could not even rent apartments in certain restricted areas of cities, and, all too often Jews lived in a ghetto environment with only those of their religion. Under the Nazis, a common cry was for Jews to leave Germany and go back to where they came from. I lived at a time when some of the most prominent gangsters were Jews like Bugsy Siegel or Louis Lepke or Mickey Cohen and many newspapers wrote stories about the “Jewish criminal element” which made life unsafe for decent Christians. Heck, a woman could not even walk around at night without being approached by those Jewish male leaches. Fast forward to Israel, 2010. Hundreds of Tel Aviv residents marched through the streets demanding expulsion of foreign workers and refugees. They held up signs saying: “No More Fear In The Neighborhood, send the infiltrators back home.”

When I see Jews holding aloft signs that read: “No To Racism — Send Infiltrators Home– Keep Bat Yam Jewish– I can only sigh and think of my childhood when Jews were “the foreigners.” When will bigots ever learn the ones they hate today suffer the same indignities as Jews did yesterday??