Israel-Knock It Off!

The constant refrain of the Israel government is failure on the part of Muslim governments to engage in negotiation in order to attain peace in the Middle East. A new Iranian government headed by President Rouhani has offered to discuss ways of allowing it to have a nuclear program and avoid becoming involved in development of nuclear weapons. Iran Foreign Minister Zarif blasted the Israel government for seeking to undermine current negotiations. Is Iran engaged in a plot to subvert the desire of western nations to halt its nuclear weapon development? Yes, that is a possibility. President Rouhanil, unlike President Ahmadinejad, has ended insults and threats against Israel. Is this simply a ploy? That is a possibility.

The world has an opportunity for peace. It is a gamble. But, unless the world gives the gamble a chance, the only alternative is bombing. Of course, that also means thousands of missiles headed toward Israel and the death of possibly thousands of innocent Israelis. Jaw, Jaw, Not War,War as Winston Churchill always said.