Israel Leader Urges Abbas To Continue Fight

Israeli President Shimon Peres sent a public plea to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas urging that he continue fighting for peace in the Middle East and not refuse to run for re-election. “I turn to you as a colleague and ask that you don’t let go. Yitzhad(Rabin) is not with us, but he lives in our midst as a figure, as a policy, as a purpose: a joint purpose of a just society and comprehensive peace-two inseparable goals.” Unfortunately, the Israel that Rabin represented has been replaced by one which views ultra nationalist, Muslim hating Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman as a man who can be trusted to conduct intelligent, honest negotiations. President Obama told Israel that “Israelis will not find true security while the Palestinians are gripped hopelessness and despair.”

There are rumors the Palestinian Authority will simply declare itself an independent nation on the basis of its 1967 border with Israel. This will result in the world recognizing the new nation and creating problems for Israel which will once again be isolated. The ongoing problem is that Israelis prefer the martyrdom of isolation to the security of peace.