Israel Leaders Strike Out Again

Defenders of the government of Benjamin Netanyahu continually respond to any criticism with the always present, “anti-semitism.” It is virtually impossible for an Israeli leader to question their actions, let alone acknowledge a mistake. A former interrogator for Unit 504 of Military Intelligence knows as “Captain George” has been appointed adviser on Arab affairs for the commander of the Jerusalem District Police. Former torturer of Palestinians will oversee the sensitive relationship between the police and the Arab community. Ordinarily, one would expect a person placed in this position enjoys the respect of the Arab community and has a record of working with people in a cooperative manner. “George,” became famous when accused of torture by Mustafa Dirani, who was abducted by the IDF from his home in Damascus and brought to Israel. “George denied any torture although he admitted an Israeli soldier enter the cell of Dirani clad in his underwear and threatened the act of sodomy.

The police insist “there is no link between the previous role played by Major D(George) and his current position.” I wonder how Israelis would react if a former member of the PLO was appointed to assume the role of working in sensitive ways with their community. I am certain someone will respond buy noting that President Abbas was a former member of the PLO. He holds an elective position.