Israel–Leave Bunker And Meet Sunlight Of Reality!

Neither the Israel government nor the people of Israel have yet to grasp the days of George Bush who would allow Israel to get away with disregard of reality are now over. Obama representative George Mitchell made clear there would be an independent state of Palestine even though Prime Minister Netanyahu thinks he can get away with economic cooperation between Palestinians and Israelis. Rahm Emanuel, close advisor to Obama whose father fought with the militant Israel Irgun told Israel if they wanted help with Iran they would have to begin evacuating West Bank settlements or else nothing would be provided. Naturally, many Israelis were furious that foreigners were telling them where to live.

Mr. Netanyahu still doesn’t get the message even after his planned meeting with President Obama was called off. Barack Obama is no George Bush. The problem is Israelis don’t realize that Barack Obama is the best friend of their nation. They still can’t grasp George Bush was the greatest enemy the state of Israel has ever known.