Israel Lobby Over American Interests

As an American and a Jew, my primary allegiance is to peace and security for all inhabitants of this planet, and that includes the people of Israel. That nation currently is controlled by people who are consumed by fears and hate toward Muslim people. The most important foreign policy goal for Israel is supporting efforts to create peace in the Middle East and move this region into some form of European Union which includes Israel as an integral piece of this area of world. Israel should be part of a new Middle East Union in which all nations work in an harmonious collaboration. A new leadr in Iran has offered to achieve an agreement which respects the rights of Iran and ends fears of nuclear weapons in the region. Benjamin Netanyahu demands the United States adhere to HIS foreign policy of fear and distrust. There are times when the policy and an Israeli official subvert the foreign policy goals of the United States of America and the world. At that point, I must support foreign policy goals that work for world peace. Benjamin Netanyahu, and his group of hating right wing Israelis, refuse to accept the challenge of working for peace.

Secretary of State John Kerry urged the United States Senate to work with him for peace. Is it a gamble? Absolutely. Kerry, and other world leaders, seek to take a chance on peace. Kerry told the Senators: “What we are asking everyone to do is calm down,look hard at what can be achieved and what the realities are. If this doesn’t work, we reserve the right to dial back the sanctions.”

Alternative of Netanyahu: Bomb Iran. Iran then persuades Hezbollah to unleast 40,000 missiles upon Israel resulting in massive deaths. Israel then launches its bombs leading to suicide bombers in Israel and death and destruction. The region will become consumed by war. Is that the goal of American foreign policy? America must save the people of Israel from their own incompetent leaders!!