Israel Minister Furious At Anti-Semitism In Oxford U

Danny Ayalon, Deputy Foreign Minister in Israel reacted with fury at comments made by a student to him while giving a speech at the Oxford Union. A young man shouted in Arabic, “slaughter the Jews” and interrupted the speech being given by the Israeli minister. Local police are investigating the comment as an example of a “racially aggravated disorder”and the Oxford Union is conducting its own investigation, but Ayalon wants action because he will not tolerate ANY example of anti-Semitism. Shouting is not an unheard occurrence at the Oxford Union, and the behavior of some students was obviously in violation of university regulations.

The ironic aspect of this story is that a month ago, Danny Ayalon deliberately and with full intent insulted Turkey’s ambassador to Israel. He even asked Israeli TV to film his insult. But, Ayalon was furious when the Turkish media reacted with anger to his insults. And, this is the man who becomes furious at insults?