Israel Minister Makes Wild Holocaust Claim In Gaza!

Matan Vinai, Deputy Defense Minister of Israel, shocked his nation and the world by making a reference to the Holocaust in discussing events in Gaza. “The more Qassam fire intensifies and the more rockets reach a longer range, they will bring themselves a bigger shoah because we will use our might to defend ourselves.” Ordinarily, the word “shoah” is used in reference to the Holocaust. Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned Hamas it was bringing a devastating Israel invasion on themselves, but Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said any problems were all caused by Israel.

At some point, one can only wonder in amazement how the situation in Gaza has reached its current point of crisis. What exactly do Hamas leaders expect Israel to do if they continue firing dozens of rockets into that country? Turkey has launched an invasion of Iraq due to attacks from Kurdish rebels, but apparently Hamas leaders, for some reason, believe Israel will calmly accept rocket attacks!

The use of the word “shoah” is outrageous. The Holocaust was a systematic program of seeking out each and every Jew in Europe and killing them in death camps. No such intention has ever or would be conceived by Israel leaders against Palestinians. Mr. Vinai should be immediately fired from his position for making such a ridiculous claim.

Isn’t it time for Arab nations to reign in Hamas? Isn’t it time for Israel to take up Qatar’s offer of mediation with Hamas?

  • Stan

    As you’ve already read elsewhere, shoah and Hashoah are 2 different words. shoah means disaster and Hashoah is The Holocaust.

    You’re trying to be fair I’ll say that…but Haniyah, Meshel, Abbas et al don’t need your help in further confursing the blogosphere.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Jut about every American and world newspaper that reported this story was under the impression the use of the word “shoah” meant “Holocaust.” Perhaps, most nations of the world are confused as to how Israel uses the expression. It might be beneficial for its government to clear up this point.