Israel Mistakes Mount!

Many who read this blog believe the state of Israel is conducting a rational foreign policy. I believe in a Realist approach for foreign policy which does not allow ideology and emotions to prevent a nation from defending its national interests. What are the national interests of the state of Israel?

1. Israel inhabits a geographical area in which the few million Jews in this nation are subject to possible conflict with the other 95% of humans in the region. Thus, peace and close economic, political and social relations with other countries in the region should be the HIGHEST PRIORITY for any Israel leader.

2.  Israel must work to maintain its close ties with any Muslim nation. As late as 2009, Israel and Turkish military leaders cooperated. Today, this cooperation has ended. Why? Israel refuses to “apologize” for its actions towards the Gaza flotilla. A Realist would immediately apologize. Pride does not prevent war and conflict.

3. The government of Benjamin Netanyahu within three years has: caused a break in relations with Turkey, a close ally; created conflict with Egypt, a close ally; created the basis of ending close relations with Jordan; and refused to negotiate with a Palestinian government that is ready for peace. I realize defenders of Netanyahu argue Israel in the past has tried peace and it did not work. Sorry, that was the past. Germany and France fought three major wars within an eighty year time period that resulted in the deaths of over 5,000,000. They put aside the past in 1948 and began working for the future.

Israel must focus on the future.

Israel must cease placing the interests of West Bank settlers before those of the nation!