Israel: Never Again Do Jews Apologize!

The Turkish government has indicated an interest in reconciliation with the state of Israel over the issue of having the flotilla of ships attacked by Israel’s armed forces. Prime Minister Recep Erdogan wants to end the impasse with Israel over Turkish demands for an apology from the Israel government over the deaths of Turkish citizens who were in the flotilla. If the Israel government continues to insist no apology will be forthcoming, Erdogan will reduce diplomatic relations with Israel and make his own trip to Gaza. It will be interesting if the prime minister of Turkey visits Gaza and is attacked by Israel troops. Let me get this clear, the Israel government is prepared to end diplomatic relations with Turkey–the only Muslim nation which for years worked with Israel– over an apology!

A year ago the Turkish ambassador to Israel was insulted by the deputy foreign minister of Israel, Daniel Ayalon, without any apology for this outrageous behavior on the part of the government of Israel. Turkish citizens died in the flotilla incident. But, NO APOLOGY because we are Israelis and we never apologize for any action on our part. We Israelis understand the world is against us and therefore any signs of human dignity will be interpreted as evidence of weakness.