Israel Nightmare– One State Nation?

Perhaps it is time for Palestinians to present Israel with its worst nightmare– a one state nation in which Muslim birthrates are higher than those of Jews. Palestine’s chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat, expressed the growing fatigue of Arabs who attempt to enter into negotiations with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israel prime minister does agree to negotiate with Palestinians provided they accept: Jews can take over any part of the West Bank as they desire, Jerusalem will be a Jewish city which allows Muslims to live in it provided they keep their mouths shut, Israel will control an “independent” Palestine’s air space, its armed forces, its water, and so on. He does agree to allow Palestinians to eat in their own homes provided they eat kosher meals.

Erekat has reached the point of saying to Israel– if you refuse to engage in honest negotiations, the process ceases and Israel can now incorporate Palestinian areas into the state of Israel. Just wait twenty years when there are more Muslims than Jews and see who is really ready to negotiate! According to Erekat, Netanyahu told President Abbas: “that Jerusalem will be the eternal and united capital of Israel, that refugees won’t be discussed, that our state will be demilitarized, and that we have to recognize the Jewish state, that it’s not going to be the 1967 borders, that the skies will be under his control.”

One state is the only solution and allow birthrates to determine the future.