Israel Now Home Of Censorship!!

Throughout the past few hundred years Jews could be found among those fighting for the rights of people who were oppressed. Three Jews were among the ten people who founded the NAACP a hundred years ago, including a rabbi. A recent report by Reporters Without Borders(RSF) revealed Israel now ranks 93 out of 175 nations in the area of freedom of the press! The drop of 40 places is the result of stringent press regulations by the Israel government to prevent free reporting of what has happened in Gaza as a result of its invasion by the Israel Defense Force. According to RSF, “around 20 journalists in the g/aza Strip were injured by the Israel military forces and three were killed wh ile covering the offense.”

It is difficult for anyone who is Jewish to handle the reality of Israel becoming a nation which denies the right of freedom of the press. Surely, founders of the state of Israel who envisioned the new nation as a beacon of freedom in the Middle East will be turning over in their graves to learn what has happened because Israelis lost their moral compass due to fear of “national security.” Unfortunately, every modern dictatorship utters the expression, “national security” to cover up human rights abuses.