Israel-Palestinians Need Goldstone Report

After being threatened by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, asked the UN Human Rights Council to delay their vote on findings of the Goldstone study of the recent war in Gaza. Netanyahu warned Palestinians that if they supported the Goldstone report it would be considered an act of violence by Israel. Abbas made the decision without discussing it with members of the PLO leadership and it has sent a shock of disbelief throughout Palestine. There are also indications that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama supported the Abbas request.

Both Israel and Palestinians must act on what is described in the Goldstone report. Israel violated international human rights by its excessive use of force, and Hamas violated international law by firing rockets for years into Israel. It is up to the UN and both Israel and the PA to conduct further investigations and identify those who were to blame for these crimes. It is only through such action that such events will never again occur.