Israel Passes Buck, Blame It On Stones!

A British prison psychiatrist, Anthony Daniels, noted how all too often criminals would deny blame for the crime and insist, “the knife did it.” One is reminded of that mentality observing Israel’s behavior at the UN committee which is examining what happened with the flotilla from Turkey. Defense Minister Ehud Barak was held holding the bag and demanded that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accept “overall responsibility”for the incident. In his appearance, Barak began by taking “full responsibility for the directives by the government,” and went on to note: “the army has to be able to say that the damage is greater than the benefit, and therefore they recommend not implementing(the attack on the flotilla. In this case, they did not say it.” Israel Defense Force General Gabi Ashkenazi argued he had sent letters to the prime minister and the defense minister urging they exhaust alternative strategies before authorizing a military operation. They did not do it.

Ashkenazi further argued his troops were not prepared for violent resistance to their boarding of a ship in international waters. He apparently blames those on the ship for being greater in number than what the IDF believed would be on the ship. He went on to complain that not enough IDF troops were in the initial boarding group, which of course gets back to those on the ships who should have been fewer in number. If theywere fewer in number, then the IDF would have been able to board the boats without violence.

In the 1970s whenever anything went wrong in America, there were people who “blamed it on the Stones” and their violent music. How about the IDF, the Israel government and anyone else in charge of Israel simply take out an ad in the New York Times and blame the entire episode on the Stones and their violent music??