Israel Plays Hitler Card To Bored World

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman once again has stirred up anger throughout the world by h is clumsy efforts at what he believes is effective diplomacy. In an attempt to prove Israel has a right to construct apartments in an area of East Jerusalem he ordered Israel diplomats throughout the world to make certain everyone in their country sees a photograph taken in 1941 in which the grand Mufti Amin al-Husseini is shown in the company of Adolf Hitler. This is an attempt to prove since he was deported by the British in 1941 the building he once lived in now belongs to Israel. Of course, the real reason for the picture is to portray Arabs as allies of Hitler during World War II and to justify — what exactly? Unfortunately, the world really doesn’t care in 2009 about a man who is dead and virtually unknown not only in the world, but to most Muslims.

Israel is arguing that Jerusalem was never the capital of an Arab nation. This is factually correct, but present boundaries between Israel and Arabs were created by the UN partition plan and that document places East Jerusalem within Arab territory, not Israeli. All this silliness has done is emphasized the clumsiness of Lieberman as a diplomat and once allowed those who oppose Israel to proclaim when Jews are in trouble, they play the Hitler card. The French foreign ministry summoned Israel’s ambassador to that nation and he was informed “an immediate freeze in settlements, including east Jerusalem is indispensable for preserving the two-state solution.”

Lieberman still does not grasp the job of a foreign minister is to play to the world, not to local Israel politics. The Nazi issue has no place in 2009. Of course, if Arabs wanted to play the Fascist card, they could display photographs of Jewish Italians who were members of Benito Mussolini’s Fascist Party. Hitler and Mussolini are dead, let’s deal with issues of 2009.

  • RealHumanRights

    1-This has nothing to do with the Holocaust. You’re just missing the point. The point is that al-Housseini, the previous owner of the property was expelled from Palestine by the British, therefore relinquishing all rights to that property. 2- The Arabs rejected the UN Partition Plan, so its conditions. In any case, that plan was drafted in 1947. “Let’s deal with issues of 2009.” Your own words. In 2009 Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.
    3- We should learn from the mistakes of history and use history as a guide for solving contemporary issues.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Sorry. INTERNATIONAL LAW, not mine, says an occupying army can NOT seize land it is occupying and allow its citizens to take residence on it. At present, the Israel army on the West Bank, is an OCCUPYING ARMY.
    The fact that al-Housseini was expelled does not translate into the property now being part of Israel. The issue is NOT al-Housseini, the issue is can Israel take property on land it is occupying and make that land part of Israel. So, what is your response to the question?