Israel PM Netanyahu Gets Xmas Gift

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received an early Christmas present with announcement of an agreement to cooperate between Palestinian groups. Fatah and Hamas have agreed to cooperate and form a unified government. President Mahmoud Abbas met with Hamas leader, Khaled Mashaal in Cairo to announce they would cease the split that began in 2007 and  work to create a unified government for the people of Palestine. What better gift could the diabolical Israel leader receive than this news?

Netanyahu has consistently refused to enter into serious negotiations with Palestinian leader President Abbas. Bibi’s goal from day one was to force Abbas to form a coalition government with Hamas which now allows Israel to proclaim to the world that a terrorist group opposes  their land.  A reasonable compromise was always on the table. End further West Bank settlements, allow Israel to keep 90% of its West Bank settlements and allow a Palestinian government in the Muslim part of Jerusalem.

The Israel Lobby in America will now be visiting congressional offices with lurid  tales about Hamas and emphasize that Israel can not cooperate with terrorist groups. Of course, no mention will ever be made about Israel terrorist groups on the West Bank that desecrate mosques, rip up olive trees and steal land from Palestinians.