Israel PM Netanyahu Might Blockade Investigation

The UN panel which was established to investigate circumstances surrounding attacks by Israel soldiers of ships headed for Gaza in May of this year might run into a blockade by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who insists that no Israel soldiers will be allowed to testify before the panel. UN Secretary General Ki-moon emphasized the panel’s task is to find out what happened and it is “not designed to determine individual criminal responsibility, but to examine the facts, circumstances and the context of the incident as well as recommending ways of avoiding future such incidents.” However, Netanyahu is concerned if members of the Israel Defense Force testify it opens the door for other groups to initiate war crimes against specific soldiers or officers.

We welcome the investigation of what happened during the flotilla incident. We assume this means the UN will initiate investigations into human rights abuses in Zimbabwe by Robert Mugabe, into Saudi Arabia for its abuse of women, into China’s ongoing violation of human rights, etc…

Oh, how about America’s violation of the Geneva Accords in Abu Ghraib?

  • Matt

    The family name of the Secretary General is Ban. Ki-moon is his given name.