Israel PM Netanyahu Sues Over Insults

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would never make it in the American political scene, he actually sues people for making false statements about him. On the other hand, it might be interesting for Bibi to head for America and spend his time taking Fox News to court. After all, Fox News never met a story about Barack Obama that could not be given a spin that transformed an innocent action into a Muslim plot against the nation. Bibi is upset because Channel 10 in Israel claimed he received donations and the newspaper Mav cartoonist, Moshik Levi is being sued for drawing a cartoon which shows the prime minister going through the “nothing to declare” zone in an airport while his luggage is leaking dollar bills. And, these charges lead to a LAWSUIT!

Bibi, if you want to sue someone, how about me:

1. There are unconfirmed reports that Benjamin Netanyahu was born in an Irish Catholic orphanage.

2. There are confirmed reports that Benjamin Netanyahu is the long lost son of two Muslims living in Mecca.

3. If one carefully examines his name, it is clear the “yahu” part reveals that Bibi is the son of two cheerleaders in Alabama.

4. I have never heard any denial from Benjamin Netanyahu concerning charges he is a member of Hamas.

I await a law action.