Israel Pounds Gaza Causing Nearly 300 Deaths

Israel’s air force pounded at Hamas targets in Gaza causing massive destruction as well as the death of nearly 300 people. Apparently, most of those killed were members of security forces in Gaza although there are also reports of the death of innocent men, women, and children. The air assault also targeted tunnels used by Hamas to smuggle in supplies and there is evidence Israel pilots were using precision bombs. There are reports thousands of Israel troops are on the border of Gaza and may invade the area at any moment. The UN urged an immediate halt to the bombings even as Hamas fired 80 rockets into Israel.

This blog has been urging for over a week that Hamas tone down its rhetoric and cease daring Israel to take military action along with ending rocket attacks. The Israel attack is no surprise to anyone, except, perhaps to Hamas. The leaders of Hamas believe they can replicate the Hizbullah action against the Israel army, but forget that occurred in a mountainous area and Hizbullah forces dug in. Gaza is open and there is no place to hide. The bravado of Hamas is a factor in what is happening.

Both sides have blood on their hand. Both sides have refused to engage in honest diplomatic discussions aimed at peace. As always, in such situations, the innocent die.

  • Heber Brown, III

    I would say that the “bravado” of Hamas is less of a factor compared to the historical injustices committed against the people of Palestine by the Israeli Government. The systematic control of every aspect of Palestinian life by Israel coupled with the tacit support of the major governments of the world has to have some bearings on how people get to a place where they decide to fire rockets at Israeli communities. No other “appropriate” avenue of exchange has worked. And though I disagree with violent responses on either side, I certainly see how some Palestinians can feel pushed to violence by the unjust policies forced upon them.

  • Fred Stopsky

    In 2001, Arafat was offered under the Clinton peace proposal 90% of what the Arab League said Palestine should get. Israel has made blunders, but Palestinians have repeatedly failed to accept reasonable compromises. This does not excuse the bombing, but does help to explain it.