Israel Preparing Major Gaza Attack

Israel defense Minister Ehud Barak relayed a message via Turkey to Syrian President Bashar Assad that Israel plans to escalate its efforts to halt Kassam rockets by launching a major attack on Hizbullah and Hamas. Barak urged the Syrian leader to take a different stance and insist Hizbullah cease escalating problems by supporting rocket attacks on Israel civilians. The Israel government is considering, once the operation to squash Kassam rocket attacks is completed, asking for the creation of an international peace keeping force drawn from Turkey, Jordan, Qatar and Malyasia to assume control over Gaza.

A major problem confronting Israel in its relations with Arab nations is the issue of credibility. For example, over the past several years, Arab Palestinians were granted 91 permits to build homes on the West Bank while Jewish Israelis were granted 18,472 such permits. According to Peace Now, Israel forces demolished 33% of Arab illegal homes but only 7% of Jewish illegal construction. Israel requests for assistance would be strengthened by making clear its commitment to equality of treatment.

This blog for months has been urging creation of an Arab Legion to assume responsiblity for control of the Gaza Strip. Instead of invading Gaza, why not push for immediate creation of such an entity?