Israel President Believes In Peace

The normal Israel lobby approach to any statement of hope for peace between Israel and Palestinians is to denounce the speaker of  a self hating Jew or an enemy of the state of Israel. I wonder how these folk will term Israel President Shimon Peres who believes peace can be reached with President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority. I assume those who believe ANY critical comment concerning the Israel government is an attack not only on the “democracy of Israel” but on all Jews will have to uncover a secret aspect of the life of Peres– he had an Arab mother?

Peres noted that he had met many  times with Abbas. “He knows all the details. ?Based on these conversations, I’m convinced we could have achieved peace with Abu Mazen. He’s a worthy partner and can deliver the goods.” Peres praised Abbas for attempting to create a Palestinian state that works.  He also believes the cause of peace can best be achieved by forming a unity government which no longer would be controlled by right wing extremists.