Israel President Tells Syria Peace Is Possible

Israel President Shimon Peres sent a message to Syria via the good offices of Russian President Medvedev that his nation did not seek conflict with that nation and only wanted peace. Medvedev will be in Damascus to see President Bashar Assad and he brought a message from Peres that Israel seeks peace and only desires to witness an end of Syrian aid to terrorists. “Israel won’t allow Syria to have their cake and eat it too–they can’t have both the Golan Heights and Iranian missiles.” Peres has accused Syria of sending Scud missiles to the Lebanese militia Hezbollah.

The desire for peace stated by Shimon Peres is genuine and important in order to attain stability in the region. But, Assad is not the only one who aids terrorism. Prime Minister Netanyahu continues aiding Jewish settlement terrorists who assault peaceful Palestinians, who destroy their property, and take over their land. Granted such actions are not the same as missile attacks, but they also hinder the quest for peace in the Middle East. Let’s have an end to all forms of terrorism.