Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his yahoo friends in the American Congress insist there can be no peace with Palestinians until there is an end to rocket attacks and a genuine desire for peace. Bibi is quite insistent that he will never negotiate with Hamas until they accept the existence of the state of Israel. Surprise! Hamas has agreed to his demand! Ignorant members lf the US Congress went wild with enthusiasm at Netanyahu promise never to negotiate with terrorists. Of course, even as he spoke and Congressmen applauded, there were reports of negotiations with the Taliban in a search for peace.

English reporter, Robert Fisk, had an opportunity to examine the Palestinian agreement between President Abbas and Hamas leader, Khaled Meshal. Under the agreement, Hamas promises to end rocket attacks on Israel. under the agreement, Hamas promises to accept the 1967 border with Israel. IF HAMAS ACCEPTS THE 1967 BORDER WITH ISRAEL, IT HAS, IN EFFECT, MEANT HAMAS RECOGNIZES THE EXISTENCE OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL! Netanyahu wants an end to rocket attacks and recognition of Israel. HE HAS WHAY HE WANTS! Instead of being pleased, this arrogant man continues ranting against Hamas for refusing to recognize his nation.

When will the people of Israel realize they are led by a man who is a worthy companion of Sarah Palin when it comes to common sense and desire for peace?