Israel Rejects Qatar Relations!

After gaining its independence in 1948, a perennial complaint of Israel was refusal on the part of Arab nations to reach out for peace, instead there was anger and hostility to even recognizing the existence of the state of Israel. During the past two years, the Arab League has offered acceptance of Israel in exchange for a peace settlement based on the borders of 1967. Israel has refused these offers on ground since in the past they were willing to cooperate with Arab nations and met refusal, the only solution today is to behave just as your enemies once behaved.

Qatar has offered to re-establish diplomatic relations with Israel and to even allow the opening of a trade office in its country, but Israel rejected the offer. Qatar had asked the right to rebuild Gaza, but Israel will not allow cement or building materials into the strip on ground these could be used to build bunkers or positions for missiles. Of course, that is possible, but seeking neutral supervision of the materials could prevent such use. Once again, Israel has met the enemy and discovered he is them.