Israel Rejects Turkish Mediation Assistance

The conservative government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues its program of rejecting assistance from other nations in order to attain peace in the Middle East. A few days ago a senior Israel government official said there would be no further effort on the part of Israel to seek the assistance of Turkey in order to achieve an accord with Syria. According to Israel Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, “we have enormous respect and great appreciation for the Turkish efforts. But, they have not succeeded–not because of the Turks. It’s because of Syrian intransigence.”

In reality the reason Turkey has functioned in a mediating role is because Syria and Israel cannot even be in a room together without becoming angry. Netanyahu simply does not want any peace with Syria unless it is on his own terms. He seeks to create conflict, blame the Syrians, and thus avoid making any changes in Israel policy. The reality is Turkey is the only country which has relations with both Israel and Syria so it is the natural nation to serve as a mediator.