Israel Retains All Options To Handle Iran

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told members of Israel’s Knesset that his government retains all options on the table for handling the threat of Iran’s nuclear program. “The threat of a nucler Iran gives context to the options that we’re putting on the table….Israel cannot reconcile itself with a nuclear Iran.” He refuted recent reports from America’s National Intellience Estimate that Iran was not engaged in developing nuclear weapons and it would be years before it could attain such capability. According to Olmert, “as far as Israel is concerned, the Iranians are continuing efofrts to produce non-conventional (weapons) and therefore we must use all of the means at our disposal to stop them.”

Olmert emphasized that “words do not stop missiles” but he ignores that military action can also result in the increase in missiles being fired. Israel has been utilizing military action in Gaza for months without being able to halt missiles and ignoring the possibility of engaging in dialogue with Hamas leaders. An Israel attack on Iran would produce catastrophic results in the Middle East and virtually end any opportunity for peace with Palestinians. It is interesting the prime minister’s comments came days after he met with President Bush. One can only wonder if the two men discussed the bellicose Israel comments about possible war with Iran.