Impudent Observer View On Gaza Conflict

Perhaps, future historians will term fighting in Gaza as the “War of Retaliation” in which both sides insisted each was retaliating against the other’s actions. Hamas launched rocket attacks on Israel cities which resulted in the death of four people which only served to ensure the following day will witness further Israel air attacks. The world urges Israel to stand down, Arab nations deplore air attacks on Gaza, but one could raise the question as to where were Arab nations when Israel urged Hamas to cease rocket attacks? The world wants to identify the “guilty party” in Gaza, but there is no single guilty party since the current conflict arose from mistakes in judgment on the part of Israel and Hamas. During the past week, Hamas leaders jeered at Israel and dared them to attack since Hamas believed it could replicate the successful defense of Hezbullah in Lebanon. Gaza is open flat land and it is does not provide mountain protection that Hezbullah could utilize.

If Hamas was so concerned about the people of Gaza why did it urge Israel to attack? If Hamas is so concerned with the safety of Gazans, why did it send 300 rockets into Israel during the past week? Did Hamas assume Israel would respond with silence? Or, was it the intention of Hamas to provoke air attacks and an invasion in order to end all hope of peace? The reality is Hamas has NO agenda other than fighting, war, chaos.

Does Israel have clean hands? No, the continued free pass given West Bank settlers was bound to create conditions for war and no Israel government has the will to accept reality of withdrawal from the West Bank.