Israel Says Don’t Listen To Words

During the past eight years the government of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has cited words expressed by former Iranian President Ahmadinejad as proof that Iran wants to destroy Israel. Over and over Bibi has cited the denial of the Holocaust as evidence Iran can not be trusted. Listen to those words exclaims Netanyahu, the words are the evidence of evil. A spokesman for Prime Minister Netanyahu told the media: “the true test is not Rouhani’s words, but rather the deeds of the Iranian regime which continues to aggressively advance its nuclear program wile Rouhani is giving interviews.” I am confused. If Ahmadinejad’s words are proof that Iran wants to destroy Israel doesn’t it mean that if Rouhani expresses desire to work with Israel it means that Iran does NOT wish to destroy Israel? Former Israel ambassador to the US, Zalman Shova made clear, “we’re more cautious or perhaps more suspicious.”

President Rouhani has assured the US and the world that he wants to negotiate. He has promised that his nation does not seek atomic weapons. I wonder if Israel can make the same claim that it does not wish to have atomic bombs? Rouhani wants to negotiate, work with him. What exactly is the problem with talking? Jaw jaw, not war war.