Israel Shocked At Killing Innocent Folk!!

The government of Israel is upset because some “terrorists” attempted to kill a member of the their nation’s diplomatic corps. An Israeli diplomat stationed in India had his car nearly blown up. His wife was on the way to pick up their child when a motorcycle came up to the car, attached something to it, sped away and several minutes later there was an explosion. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is furious at this hateful act. “Today, we witnessed two attempts at terrorism against innocent civilians. Iran is behind these attacks and it is the largest exporter of terrorism in the world. He vowed to act with a strong hand in order to crush international terrorism.

We suggest the Israel prime minister might head down to Mossad headquarters and blow it up if he is interested in crushing those who prey on innocent civilians. There is no question the Mossad has murdered at least five IRANIAN scientists by having a motorcycle drive up to a car and attach a bomb to it. Bibi, YOU are the terrorist!