Israel Shoots Self In Foot

During World War II, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was asked why, as a noted anti-communist, his nation was an ally of the Soviet Union. He replied, “I would form an alliance with the Devil if it meant saving the British empire.” Israel has only one real friend in the Middle East–Turkey. The two nations have been allies for over thirty years and their military leaders cooperate. One would assume, given Israel’s isolation, this alliance would be a high priority, but the dysfunctional government of Benjamin Netanyahu has but one goal, having a majority vote in the Knesset. President Abdullah Gul of Turkey expressed his amazement at Israel’s behavior toward his nation. “As far as I can see, the internal political strife in Isarael is very harsh. They undermine each other, they always block one another. My own impression is they don’t have the ability to at rationally.” Turkey has withdrawn its ambassador, ended joint military activities with the IDF and closed its airspace to Israel military aircraft until they receive an apology and compensation for the attack on the Gaza bound flotilla.

The head of Israel’s IDF insists he has great working relations with Turkish military counterparts even as the president and prime minister of Turkey are demanding an apology. On which planet do Israel leaders live? The government of Turkey is serious. They are sick and tired of the bombastic ignorant Israel foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman who could only hold such a position in Israel, in any other nation, he might be head of the custodians. He lacks training, education, or any diplomatic skill, but holds power due to his party’s votes in the Knesset. Having him as a foreign minister is equivalent to asking Sarah Palin to be secretary of state.

An intelligent nation acts in its best national interests. At this point in time, Israel needs Turkish support. Apologize, pay compensation and protect the national interests of Israel.