Israel Silliness Continues

It is apparent that many American Jews support efforts of the Israel government to construct illegal Jewish settlements on the West Bank. In 1948, the UN created the state of Israel and set aside land, including the West Bank, for a future Palestinian state. In the Six Day War of 1967, Israel conquered the West Bank. Within a few years Jewish settlers entered the West Bank, seized land from Palestinians and gradually  extended their power so by 2016 there are now over 400,000 Jewish settlers on land set aside for Palestinians.

Israel, like the US and over a hundred nations, signed the Geneva Convention. This makes it illegal for a conquering army to seize land in conquered nations. Any such action if illegal, period. The UN has continually made clear that Israel can not seize land owned by Palestinians. An Israel Ambassador argued telling Israel it could not build on the West Bank is equivalent to telling France it could not build in Paris. Huh?

France can build in Paris to its heart’s content, but it cannot build homes in Algeria because this country once belonged to France.Try it and there will be war!