Israel Soldiers Face War Crimes Issues

Defense Minister Ehud Barak is asking the Israel Cabinet to support Israeli soldiers who might be charged with crimes against humanity for their action in recent fighting in Gaza. He said it was the responsibility of the Cabinet “for sending IDF troops on missions as well as defending civilians” and thus the Cabinet must make certain that Israel soldiers can not be prosecuted for war crimes. Barak has ordered the IDF to investigate any examples of behavior of soldiers that might be construed to be in violation of international law.

Richard Falk, in independent UN rights expert is compiling evidence the IDF breached basic humanitarian rules and violated the rules of war by conducting large scale military operations against “an essentially defenseless population.”

As one who supports the existence of Israel as an independent nation and is aware that Hamas violated international law, there is scant doubt so did the IDF. it is a specious argument to say since a mortar attack came from a specific area, this gives permission to bomb without consideration for civilians in the area.