Israel, Stand Down!

David Cameron, leader of the British Conservative party and prime minister of the nation, urged the Israel government to stand down from its threats to bomb Iran. “I refuse to give in to those who say that the current policy is fatally flawed, and that we have no choice but military action.” He pointed out the obvious, how current sanctions are crippling the economy of Iran. As a result of these sanctions, “Iranian oil exports have fallen by 45 percent. The Rial has plummeted and inflation is soaring.” There is turmoil in the land of Iran as people seek to carry on their ordinary lives while the economy collapses.

There is no guarantee imposing sanctions will lead to an end of nuclear research and production. In the real world of international politics nothing may come out as designed. But, it is worth the effort, it is worth waiting. As Americans can recall, we once had a president who insisted Iraq had to be invaded NOW. Instead of allowing the UN to continue its search for Weapons of Mass Destruction, Bush invaded and 5,000 Americans died while 40,000 were wounded.

Haste CAN lead to waste– of lives, that is!