Israel Stripped Citizenship Of Palestinians

A secret plan utilized by the Israel government to strip Palestinians of their citizenship was exposed by Haaretz. The Justice Ministry admitted that beteen 1967 to 1994, Palestinians who wished to travel abroad and went via Jordan were ordered to leave their ID cards at the Allenby Bridge border crossing. They exchanged this card for a new ID card that was good for three years but could be renewed. If the Palestinian did not return within six months or by the card’s expiration date, the individual no longer was regarded as a citizen of Palestine. For example, if a student went abroad to study at a university in another nation and graduated, by the time of their graduation they had exceeded the three years and thus had lost their citizenship. This is simply just another tactic of the Israel government to display prejudice against Palestinians.

We would like to know how many Jewish Israelis did not return within three years? We doubt if any lost their citizenship. Shame on Israel. It resembles efforts of Nazis to deny German Jews their citizenship as Germans.