Israel, The Solitary Nation

Many supporters of the current Israel government express concern over overthrow of Arab governments which have established peaceful ties with their nation and worry about seizure of power by more Islamic minded leaders. In a recent editorial in Haaretz, the editors expressed opposition to policies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu whose reaction to demonstrations in Cairo or Tunis is to reaffirm refusal to budge an inch toward desires of the Palestinian leadership for negotiations that are meaningful. Netanyahu insists he will not listen to requests for preconditions such as halting West Bank settlements even while demanding acceptance of his preconditions that President Abbas must acknowledge Israel as a “Jewish state” even though twenty percent of its people are Muslim. The editor noted that two weeks ago Netanyahu contacted German Prime Minister Angela Merkel to complain about her support of the Security Council proposal demanding an end to West Bank settlements. Merkel supposedly told the Israel prime minister, “you did nothing to aid the peace process.”

It is difficult for one living in America, a nation in which ignorant lunatics have power to urge Israel, a nation in which ignorant lunatics hafe power to urge compromise. But, a compromise with President Abbas today ensures Israel tomorrow will not be confronted with Arab leaders who refuse any compromise.