Israel, The Spoiled Boy Of Middle East

Israel once had a strong friendship with Turkey whose leaders cooperated militarily, economically and politically. Turkey was the only Muslim nation which recognized Israel. But, that was before Benjamin Netanyahu became prime minister. Since his  arrival on the scene of power, Israel has witnessed the end of its close ties with Turkey, the erosion of its close ties with Egypt and soon it will witness the end of close ties with Jordan. Why?

The Israel foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman had his deputy deliberately insult  Turkey’s ambassador to their nation. Israel invaded Gaza in an over reaction violent events. Gaza was placed under a siege and supplies became difficult to obtain. A flotilla of ships sailed from Turkey with needed supplies. Instead of welcoming the ships, allowing them to land and distribute supplies under supervision of Israel soldiers, the decision was made to use violence in halting the flotilla.

Nine people from Turkey died in the Israel attack. Prime Minister Erdogan has demanded an apology. Israel refused. Israel’s ambassador to Turkey has been thrown out. Erdogan announced Turkish naval ships will “show up” more frequently in the eastern area of the Mediterranean. He is daring Israel to initiate a hostile  action and terms the country, the “spoiled boy” of the region.

There are times in life to simply say, “I’m sorry” and move on. One is left with the impression, PM Netanyahu will risk war in order to show no one can boss him around. Such is the way of petty tyrants.

  • Patrice B

    I suggest you return to the records of the incident. The Palmer report, and both sides in the incident, agree that Israel took the necessary steps to have open channels for the introduction of necessary aid into Gaza. Israel, in fact, offered international oversight of an unloading process at an Israeli or Egyptian port, and then the transfer by land of the humanitarian aid into Gaza. The flotilla refused to take this step and instead decided to run the blockade, and Israel, as it is permitted and indeed required to do, used force to stop and search the ships.

    Israel has offered to express regret for the way the incident occurred, as they would have preferred a non-violent response by those aboard the ship, but they are refusing to apologize for having stopped the ships in the first place.

    I suggest that you read the Palmer report, which was leaked to the New York times and led to this ratcheting talk by Turkey and Erdogan who himself stated that he “cannot allow Israel to trample Turkish honor.” Just some more pride issues here.

  • Fred Stopsky

    1. I suggest you read the account of how Avigdor Lieberman had his deputy deliberately insulted the Ambassador of Turkey.
    2. I suggest you read the works of Hans Morgenthau, the most prominent Realist historian. He argues one must NEVER allow ideology or emotions to interfere with foreign policy. Since Netanyahu took over, Israel has witnessed a break with its closest Muslim ally, –Turkey– and a new break with –Egypt. If you believe the national interests of a nation are vital, then you must agree that Netanyahu is an incompetent leader of Israel. Hell, Richard Nixon recognized Communist China and didn’t worry about apologizing.
    I am among the founders of a Holocaust Museum. I studied at Yad Vashem. Anyone who cares about Israel knows President Abbas is ready to negotiate. End the damn support of fanatic West Bank settlers and focus on the FUTURE of Israel and quit living in the past. France and Germany fought three major wars in an 80 year time frame that resulted in the death of 5,000,000. In 1948, they agreed to forget about the past and focus on the present. Israel could become the economic leader of the region if it would cease allowing fanatic West Bank settlers to set foreign policy.