Israel To Blame For Gaza, Says Arab League

An ongoing problem in any discussion of the Palestinian-israel conflict is the tremendous need on the part of both sides to blame the other as the sole source of problems. Arab League foreign ministers said Israel was fully responsible for the deterioration in the Gaza Strip and demanded the jewish state lift the blockade immediately and allow humanitarian suppies to enter. They issued a statement insisting Israel “stop all continued aggressions against the civilians and end the blockade and collective punishment policy.” Even as the foreign ministers issued their statement, Egyptian troops were stringing up a wire fence to prevent Gazans from leaving and entering Egypt.

Israel has made numerous mistakes ranging from refusing to engage in discussions with Hamas without insisting on preconditions, it has repeatedly utilized a program of killing leaders on the assumption this would end violence, and its policy of collective punishment is hardly in accord with international policies of warfare. On the other hand, Hamas has refused to budge an inch in its policy of refusing to recognize Israel, it has ended any cooperation with the Palestinian Authority and it has refused to halt Kassam rockets. All sides are at fault and attempting to cast blame on one nation may result in feelings of righteousness, but this is not the road to peace. Until each side can accept responsibillity for its mistakes there will be no peace in the Middle East.

  • Walter77777

    I never knew that telling Hamas that the rocket attacks upon Israel had to stop was such an onerous precondition. The continuing bombardment of Israel from Gaza has forced some Israelis to hide in bunkers during the night.

    Israel’s retaliation to these strikes has been measured and proportional, and this retaliation has been aimed at those persons who have been giving orders to send the Qassam missiles into Israel.

  • journeyer58

    I must disagree with Walter77777, Israel’s retaliation strikes have not been measured and proportional, unless you could say that killing 4000 people against killing several hundred is measured. The people of Gaza have no where to hide when Israel launches airstrikes and bombardments of the worst kind, killing women and children who are the most innocent. Measured responses do not include, cutting off funding for education and health care, food and heating oil, cooking oil and electricity to the most vulnerable people of any nation. This is not in line with the standards and the reason for the creation of the nation of Israel. We, all, must call for an end to violence on either side, yet, Israel must withdraw to the lines of the 1967 war or be faced with continuing and escalating violence of the worst kind. Israel itself, is creating the next generation of terrorists, how you may ask? By denying the basic necessities of life to a new generation of Palestinians, who, only by reason of birth, are being denied basic human rights and the privilege of growing up without hatred and vilification because of heritage. The Israelis must make a hard choice, do they continue the campaign of denial of human rights to a whole nation of men, women and children? Or do they, talk at the table of peace with their enemies? For one does not talk peace with one’s friends, but with those who are opposed to the very existence of Israel.

  • Keith

    Journeyer is a complete boob. First of all, Gaza was taken by Israel in response to Egypt invading them. After the UN recognized the creation of the State of Israel, an organization of which Egypt was a member of the time, Egypt and several other Middle Eastern Nations invaded the newly born state. Just reading your post makes me want to puke. First of all, the embargo has only been going for a few weeks yet you make it sound as if Israel has been withholding supplies for the past 100years. And what drivel is “Or do they, talk at the table of peace with their enemies?”??? HOW ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO TALK WITH HAMAS MORON!!! Hamas REFUSES to acknowledge them! Hamas REFUSES to stop the bombs and rockets.

    When the Towers came down in 2001 there were pictures of Gazans dancing in the streets. When asked why they were so happy to see innocent American attacked they replied that “The Americans elected their evil government so they in turn are just as evil.”

    Well guess what? Turn about is fair play. The Gazans (I will NEVER call them Palestinians for they are not) elected Hamas. Hamas drops the bombs. The Gazans are responsible.

    Jesus Christ Journeyer, have you ever even BEEN to Israel? Pulling back to the original lines will only give Hamas and other terrorist groups bragging rights.

    There is only one way to deal with a terrorist.

    Kill them before they kill you. Any hope or belief of “speaking rationally” with them is a complete pipe dream.

  • Fred Stopsky

    We are in 2008, not 1948 or 1998. If Israel insists on preconditions for talking with Hamas, what happens if Hamas insists on preconditions for talking with Israel? Or, does Israel claim the unilateral right to decide how negoatiations proceed? If Israel and Hamas are talking, it increases the possibility of ending rocket attacks. So far, history proves that everytime Israel utilizes bombing, it does NOT result in an end to violence. Negotiation entails compromise. What exactly is to be lost by engaging in dialogue with Hamas? I still have not heard a reason why.
    I really don’t think Hamas needs “bragging rights”– whatever that means. We are discussing the safety of people in Israel and Palestinian areas, we are not discussing a schoolyard fight.