Israel To Build New Barriers

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the construction of two new massive fences along the southern border of the nation that faces Egypt. The new barrier is specifically aimed at African migrants who seek refuge and work opportunities in Israel. According to the prime minister, “we are talking about a strategic decision to guarantee the Jewish and democratic character of the state of Israel.” However, he did promise to allow special cases of dire need from being able to enter Israel. Tzahi Hanegbi, chair of the Knesset foreign affairs committee told the media: “The infiltration of the migrants is threatening the very existence of Israel and its character. The country defines itself as both a Jewish and democratic state, something its leaders believe depends on maintaining the country’s present clear Jewish majority.”

These comments are rather ironic given that when Jewish migrants fleeing from Nazi Germany sought refuge in other European countries, the very same words were said by French or Dutch or Danish leaders. Even more ironic is constant reminders by current Jewish leaders how the world of the 1930s failed the Jewish people.